Copper Basin Bible Camp

Here is provided a get away place for the summer camping experience. Sessions separate for the age groups so the area youth can get to know one another and develop lasting relationships. It also hosts lectureships, retreats, and special occasion events. The web site will give you all this information and more (of course) than I can. Check it out. purchases to benefit CBBC & Focus Press

Use this link so that part of your purchases will donated to benefit Copper Basin Bible Camp and Focus Press (church of Christ magazine publication and website).

Higher Ground Encampment - Girls Only

Open to girls 13-18. When someone says that they've heard nothing but good things, they could easily be talking about the experience our young ladies can find when attending the Higher Ground Encampment. Preparation is a key to the success of any venture and here you'll find preparation for life. And being immersed in fellowship and God's word will give you a foundation upon which you can build your life of service to our God. I have witnessed the metamorphosis of many of these girls.. Peter Hawthorne, member of the Coolidge church of Christ and former member of the Bear Valley church of Christ.

Future Preachers Training Camp - Boys Only

Open to boys 13-18. This is a wonderful way for our young men to be introduced to the aspects of becoming a preacher, teacher, church leader, family guide. I have witnessed young men from this experience go on to become gospel preachers, fathers, leaders and know that it is a foundation that will last a lifetime. Many attend multiple years gaining knowledge and confidence to prepare them for their life of service to our God. And then there are others who return as counselors to help others gain from their experience. Peter Hawthorne, member of the Coolidge church of Christ and Former member the Bear Valley church of Christ.